Base URL

The Illusory API is built on REST principles. We enforce HTTPS in every request to improve data security, integrity, and privacy. The API does not support HTTP.

All requests contain the following base URL:


To authenticate you need to add an Authorization header with the contents of the header being Bearer zpka_12345 where zpka_12345 is your API Key.

Authorization: Bearer zpka_12345

Types of API Keys

API keys come in two types:

  • Master
  • Limited

Each key type is designed with certain permissions, enabling or restricting it from executing particular tasks. Here’s a breakdown of the capabilities associated with each key type.

Masteraccount.all, proxies.allFull access to all endpoints
Limitedproxies.change_ipCan change IP of proxies

Rate Limiting

Different endpoints have different rate limits. If you exceed the rate limit you will receive a 429 response code.

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